Lady Gaga and Hating Your Mother

The above drawing from my book is silly, although true on some level.  But recently, the seriousness of the real and imagined divide between generations of women in the Feminist Movement has risen to the surface (again. This is not new– Susan B. Anthony did not want to be like her mother, either). Susan Faludi penned an article for Harpers on the subject, and Gloria Steinem was asked to respond in this radio interview.  The media loves to make everything a conflict. Older women are not the haters of young feminists that they are portrayed to be; nor are young women haters of second-wave feminists they are made out to be.  Yes, there are some haters.  What is important is that we talk, and realize that neither “side” is wrong or right. Steinem says (and I am paraphrasing):

“We should unite to fix the problems….  Stop blaming our mothers…  We each have something to teach… I care much less that they (young women) care who I am than they care who they are… Young women don’t want to be their mothers because their mothers had/have no power.”

Can one be a fan of Lady Gaga and be a feminist?  OF COURSE. And one can wear the above dress and be a feminist.  My book is full of cartoons that attempt to show that we are all in the same boat, only at different times of our lives it takes on different forms.  The key is to find out who you are, stay true, and talk to each other. Oh, and of course laugh.

Interview with Gloria Steinem.

Article by Susan Faludi.


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