Cartoon Festival Photos

I hope you enjoy these photos from my trip to the St Just-le-Martel Salon International du Dessin de Presse ed d’Humour festival in France. I have many more, but wanted to share a few here. Most of these are photos of cartoonists from all over the world, and of the exhibit I curated of international cartoonists who are women. The festival is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary with a brand new building that is absolutely beautiful. This is my third visit, and every time I meet old friends and tons of new people. The exhibits range from group themes, historical, and solo shows. We spend a lot of time (as you can see) kidding around and eating and drinking. Many of the cartoonists draw for the public as well. The whole town gets involved, putting us up in their homes, and feeding us at huge long tables at the center. Languages are various, and communication is at times difficult, but we have a great time just being together and sharing our love for what we do.

The region is known for it’s cows, so you see the frequent use of cows in their logos and statues. Thank you, St Just, for all your hospitality!

These last two were from my visitin Paris with French cartoonist, Jean Plantu (above, in his Le Monde office), and the Cartooning for Peace staff (I am a member of this group). We all had lunch together, along with Israeli cartoonist Michel Kichka.


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2 Responses to Cartoon Festival Photos

  1. Rob Husberg says:

    Thank you, Liza, for the fun pics of St Just…( the “SJLMSIDDDPEDH”, as we
    laypersons commonly refer to it). Oh, to have been “une mouche sur
    le mur” at that gathering! Albeit, some language barriers — but all that talent,
    humor, and craziness in one place must have been a blast!
    Is there a possibility we might ever see a slideshow of the exhibit you curated?
    (Notice we fans don’t ask for much!)

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