Economy for the Dogs

Things may or may not be really stabilized over there, but it’s heading that way. So maybe this little girl can get a puppy after all. Americans are buying now, it appears.  Why not buy a puppy to boost the economy? Think of all the things you can buy to boost the economy after you get a puppy. Dog food, treats, cleaner spray, paper towels, dog beds, chew toys, camera, leash, collar, dog training classes, Halloween dog costume,  flea spray, tick medicine, worming pills, vet bills…it’s endless. But so worth it.


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3 Responses to Economy for the Dogs

  1. Rob Husberg says:

    For those not into hyper-consumerism, one can buy a cat. They only require
    food and a litter box. And, well, of course, there’s flea collars, cat toys, brushes & combs,
    kitty treats, shots, tick & mite baths, ringworm medications, cat allergy pills, new
    furniture to replace what’s been torn to shreds, carpet cleaning, stain & odor
    remover for cat pee, stitches for your arms that have been torn to shreds, a cage
    to transfer your cat to the vet’s, more stitches for your arms, expensive chic cat
    food, bird & lizard coffins, lint-rollers for your black clothes,…Hmmm. Never mind.
    Get that puppy!

  2. Rob Husberg says:

    No, unless you consider the varied small rodents & creatures they require
    to eat every day. (There is no Purina Snake Chow.) And you get the fun of
    sending these critters to their gruesome deaths. (“I’m sorry little mousie, it
    will all be over soon — and it’s for a good cause!”) I think I’ll stick with a
    parakeet: seed cakes & newspapers — I can do that!

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