California State of Cartoon

Usually, I draw my cartoon people in a city, and in my mind that city is New York City. But truth be told, I could put them almost anywhere in the US. I say “almost,” because my people tend to be a certain type. I only lived in the midwest for a brief period during college, so am not real familiar with that part of the country. That said, I hope my cartoons translate everywhere on some level.

I posted this one today because it is set in California in my mind, and I am traveling there today. These women could be saying this anywhere, but I feel like this cartoon could be typical LA.  Not to perpetuate a stereotype or anything….I would never do that.


About Liza Donnelly

Cartoonist and writer and live drawer for The New Yorker, CBS News. Speaker for TED and others. Books: Women On Men,
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2 Responses to California State of Cartoon

  1. Rob Husberg says:

    Though not currently residing there, I’m SoCal born and raised. Your poolside
    scenario is indeed stereotypical. (But true!)
    Would I be correct to surmise that you’re jetting to LA to confab on your “Series”?
    In a previous life, I worked my stint in TV Land — Hollywood, Westwood, and
    beautiful downtown Burbank, and know the scene, babe. It’s stereotypical. (But true!)
    This time of year, you won’t be doing the poolside thing (Brrrr!), but there’ll be
    plenty of schmoozing and holiday cocktail parties to attend. (“LOVE that dress!”)
    Stereotypical. (But true!)
    Looking forward to tidbits from the frontline, when you can “talk”.
    P.S. — Paris, TED talks, TV shows…goodness. You’re going to need a PA soon!
    (But true!)

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