New Year’s Eve Dilemma

I forgot to add, ‘drink champagne.’  But I actually caught myself thinking this last night.

But there is no dilemma in this: I want to wish everyone, everywhere a very good new year. Here’s hoping you have a year filled with fun, laughter, and love. Thank you for all your kind comments, and for following my blog. I hope to bring you even more laughter in the New Year. There is an election coming….


About Liza Donnelly

Cartoonist and writer and live drawer for The New Yorker, CBS News. Speaker for TED and others. Books: Women On Men,
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5 Responses to New Year’s Eve Dilemma

  1. Betsy Gamble says:

    Happy New Year. There certainly is a lot of potential for ridiculousness in the upcoming political year.

  2. Karen Raff says:

    Loved watching your recent TED talk on our flight back from Kauai yesterday. I so appreciated your thoughts — cleverly illustrated — on your body and our bodies. Have a wonderful new year. Let it begin with wry laughter!

  3. Rob Husberg says:

    The year ahead will be filled with many surprises: happy, uncanny, tragic,
    absurd, exciting, and perhaps even more strange than we’ve come to expect.
    But one constant we have (unless you quit to become a Republican pollster —
    which would be exceptionally strange) will be your vivifying humor to accompany
    us through the journey. I look forward to it. Cheers!

    PS: Maybe we can even get the New Yorker to run your cartoons again —
    with decent and appropriate regularity! (Helping to insure this, is my New Year’s
    PS #2: Did you pet your dog at midnight?

    • Thanks, Rob! And yes, I did pet my dog at midnight, or close to it. He gets attention ALL the time anyway…

      Yes, let’s get the New Yorker to run my cartoons more often!!

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