Vests and Other Political Phenomena

I did this a few days ago when I began to see Mr. Santorum on television with more frequency  than I would have liked. My discovery of his proclivity to wearing sweater vests coincided with twitter’s notice of it, as well.  His choice is quite bizzarre, frankly, because I don’t think it makes him look normal at all.  Maybe he’s not going for “normal” or “regular guy;” perhaps he’s just chilly. I think it makes him look funny, and that’s my bread and butter. The more I hear about Santorum, the more frightened I get. And when I’m frightened, I turn to humor (not to singing about my favorite things).

Last week, as I watched (and continue to watch) the GOP flail around, I  created a string of political cartoons to show you in the upcoming week. Stay tuned!

BTW, below is another vest cartoon I did for The New Yorker years ago:


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1 Response to Vests and Other Political Phenomena

  1. Rob Husberg says:

    Let’s be clear: a normal, “regular guy” (if such a creature truly exists) wouldn’t
    wear a sweater vest unless a gun was held to his head (or he was blind — in the
    case of argyle). And whatever normal might be, it is not Rick Santorum.

    It can be bitter cold in Iowa come wintertime — the only legitimate excuse.
    Fortunately, Mr. Santorum has no chance of becoming President. This means
    we will be spared the sight of a triple-thick alpaca sweater vest, festooned with
    a pattern of small golf clubs, come Inauguration Day in D.C., where it’s even

    Your “wine & vest” cartoon is one of my favorites!

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