But Do You Juggle?

The economy is getting better, but it’s still tough out there.  Actually, that’s only what I’ve heard–I sit at my desk, pitching cartoons and trying to get illustration jobs. I rarely have to go in person and “perform” for work.  My cartoons do a lot of the performing, and that’s just fine with me.

I have started doing public speaking, however, and that kind of performing I really enjoy. Because I have my cartoons with me, projected behind me as my support system. And it’s absolutely wonderful to hear people laugh. It’s addictive. It’s something you do not hear in the quiet of your studio.

If you would like to see me “perform,” below you can view two videos I did recently. And in fact today, I am shooting a video trailer for my book.  Wish me luck.


About Liza Donnelly

Cartoonist and writer and live drawer for The New Yorker, CBS News. Speaker for TED and others. Books: Women On Men, http://www.narrativemagazine.com/store/book/women-men
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4 Responses to But Do You Juggle?

  1. Bravo Liza! I’ve always enjoyed your “deliciously” funny cartoons and loved it when I could see you perform in 3 D.
    Just like you, I spend a lot of time behind my desk, in front of my laptop, at the other side of the Atlantic, in France. Videos are doing magic giving us the chance to meet, even “virtually”.
    I am about to give my first TEDx presentation, in Germany next month and look forward the experience. And the dopamine dose…

  2. Rob Husberg says:

    I was under the impression you’d been doing public speaking for quite awhile — if not, you’re awfully damn good for a neophyte! The TED talks have all been great fun, but we need many, many more videos to satisfy our Donnelly-viewing needs. I think I had mentioned before that I felt you were a natural for stand-up. And accompanied by your own cartoons — who else does that? Double the pleasure, double the fun. That’s what I call a niche.

    But sitting at your own desk, whether drawing or on the laptop, definitely sounds more comfy. And as if you need even more to do! All that counts is that you keep us laughing, however you do it.

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