She Gets The Garden

Not ever having been divorced, I can’t even imagine how couples divide the “stuff” of a marriage.  But it has to be done. And sometimes, I imagine, one person has the upper hand in choosing. Let’s just hope this guy finds a garden before summer ends.

(I will be posting a piece on my trip to Geneva for Cartooning for Peace soon!)


About Liza Donnelly

New Book: Women On Men, New Yorker and Forbes cartoonist and writer, TED speaker
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4 Responses to She Gets The Garden

  1. Rob Husberg says:

    Sorry to break this to you, Liza, but no self-respecting guy would be caught dead sitting at the bar with a trowel. (Unless it were on-the-rocks.) — This is possibly a clue as to why the marriage didn’t take.

  2. Rob Husberg says:

    You did, and it was. Good work.
    PS: Where be your anxiously awaited ebook? The very thought of it is burning a hole in my debit card!

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