Appeal to Women?


Okay, there’s a lot of scrambling for women going on out there. Talk of women full of binders–who ever thought THAT would come up?  In the debate, Mitt talked about how businesses need to be flexible so working women can get home to cook dinner.  I drew this cartoon above before the news story broke about Paul Ryan “volunteering” at a soup kitchen (an obvious appeal to women), which included a photo of Ryan in an apron. I just knew that wearing an apron would be something someone would do at some point soon before the election in an effort to get the woman vote. Amazing, eh?



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8 Responses to Appeal to Women?

  1. Dena says:

    Amazing indeed! Love the cartoon.

  2. Pam says:

    What I don’t understand is where is all the rage about this? How is it he can say those things and get a single woman’s vote. I guess I will take my rage home and cook dinner for my husband. So fortunate to have a job that makes accommodations for me to do this.

  3. Steven Perry says:

    I am soory if my spelling is bad, I am in a rush.

    I dont want to be rude, however I am trying to understand your logic about the apron.

    When you work around food you must wear and apron, its how you keep food or water off of your clothes (even if the are bad clothes)

    I wore one when I used to wash dished at five guys. I dont remember trying to appeal to moms or women.

    I think when you over analize situations you risk losing your intellectual high ground. You risk looking like a bias partisan. In which case your analysis on any political issue falls on deaf ears because you will always ignore the bad things your candidate does and put a spot light or misiterperate the things your opponent does.

    One must question if Obama did the same thing would you rush to the same conclusion.

    • You are not rude, you just have your own opinion. It’s a cartoon, and I am making fun of the things candidates do to get elected. Obviously, no one did this, wear an apron at a rally, it’s a symbol that can mean more than just protecting one’s clothes. I admit to being partisan, but don’t pretend to have an “intellectual high ground.” I just try to make people smile and/or think about things. I will not be able to make everyone smile, obviously. Do you think all partisan commentators fall on deaf ears? I think not.

      • Steven Perry says:

        I made no comment about the political cartoon. I think its fine and has a point to it.

        I was talking about your comments about Ryan wearing an apron to score politcal points with women. what I ment by “intellectual high ground” was simply a nice way of saying dont look silly. Although I will admit it was a strange way of saying it.

        Dont you think it is a bit silly to suggest that Ryan was wearing an Apron to sway women voters? An apron is what you wear when you wash dishes. Would you have rather him not wear and aporn and get a 1000 dollar suit wet and ruined? What would you have had him wear instead?

        To your last point, I suppose it depends on how you see a partisan. A partisan to me, although im sure my definition is wrong, would be someone who fights for a cadidate no matter what and always carrys a double standard. Never opens their mind to new ideas, and always picks a candidate based on party and can never admit when they are wrong.

      • Thanks! Well,I believe the Romney Campaign put Ryan in the soup kitchen for a photo shoot to appeal to a certain demographic. It’s all about getting votes, of course. Which demographic is anyone’s guess, but since that week they (pundits and both campaigns) were talking about the woman vote, I made the connection. Actually I drew the cartoon BEFORE the Ryan photo appeared in the news, interestingly. Thanks for your comments.

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