Mitt Romney’s Photo-Op Response to Sandy

Luckily we were pretty unaffected by Sandy in the area where we live, but many were not so lucky.  I drew the above cartoon in response to the hurricane–or superstorm, as she is now called.

There are so many ways to respond to the devastation, and I don’t think the way Mitt Romney did the other day is the right way. Last night on her show, Rachel Maddow said, “Hurricane Sandy is a real disaster. This is not a plot in a sitcom.”  Apparently, Romney’s campaign were afraid there wouldn’t be enough canned goods for their photo op, so they bought some and gave them out to Romney fans who had come to the rally. According to Maddow and  BuzzFeed,  “ the Romney campaign actually purchased $5,000 worth of canned goods and diapers from a Wal-Mart and provided event-goers with materials to then hand to Gov. Romney.”

My cartoon above is not about distributing aid to in-need areas, but it is about something we desperately need to talk about. Here is a link to my full Forbes piece.

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3 Responses to Mitt Romney’s Photo-Op Response to Sandy

  1. Dena says:

    Well done Liza. I love what you are doing.

  2. Steven Perry says:

    First of all, Mrs. Maddow is not a very good source for information. Anyone that can not bring a guest on to the show that challenges her opinion.( maybe once in a blue moon, ) is not a good source.of information. Not saying she is a liar, however she is afraid of her point of view being challenged. And being challenged and having civil debates is how we come to a good solution.

    The truth is Climate Change is happening, however It can not be linked to man in any strong manner. Any policy to try and force green energy is not good, and wasteful.

    Renewable energy is not at a point where it can compete with fossil fuels, and until it is we can not expect the government to fund it.

    The free market will determine what the best route is. Even Germany is cutting back on its green efforts because it is wasteful.

    Have you ever watched the film “cool it” if you really believe in man made climate change, his solution is really the only solution to the problem. Even if I disagree with the movie itself. He makes good and logical points, which most environmentalists do not, or can not make

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