Downton Abbey And Me

downton abbey role play night copyI really was not sure I wanted to watch Downton Abby. For one thing, the name really bothered me.  Anyway, I am known to avoid jumping on the bandwagon of trends. It took me ten years to see the movie E.T., and surprisingly,  roughly the same amount of time to join the Seinfeld Craze. But I finally watched Downton Abbey, and yes, I am a convert. I have to say particularly because it is indeed a feminist show. Don’t pigeon hole me, I do watch all kinds of shows!  Read my piece on it on my column


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2 Responses to Downton Abbey And Me

  1. Nikki Stern says:

    I’m hooked: one part of me cries out: “What twaddle! Pure poppycock!” and another part drools over the costumes…

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