Increase The Fun: Allow Same Sex Marriage

same sex marriage-cakes sized_edited-1The US Supreme court is currently debating some very important cases having to do with same sex marriage. It’s all over the news, as it should be. I support the right for gays and lesbians to legally marry, to have hospital rights, inheritance rights, joint tax rights, all of that.

If we increase the number of people being allowed to enter into matrimony, there are so many benefits. It makes a lot of people and children happy. I have been married for twenty-five years, and it has been a wonderful ride. And a funny one. Marriage is funny, admit it.

If gays and lesbians are allowed to get married across the country, then we would have twice the love, twice the levity.

And even more material for humorists.

For a slide show of my marriage cartoons, visit my Forbes column!

Also, my husband, Michael Maslin and I wrote a book on the subject: Cartoon Marriage: Adventures in Love and Matrimony With The New Yorker’s Cartooning Couple


About Liza Donnelly

Cartoonist and writer and live drawer for The New Yorker, CBS News. Speaker for TED and others. Books: Women On Men,
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