Marriage And Computer Time

wedding-use computer 35% of timeWhat if you knew, before you married your spouse, that after a few years of marital bliss, he/she would be on the computer all the time?  Would you have walked down the aisle? Maybe some of us need a computer/cell phone/iPad pre-nup agreement.  Maybe that would help. Or maybe it’s just a good excuse for you to go on the computer, too.



About Liza Donnelly

New Book: Women On Men, New Yorker and Forbes cartoonist and writer, TED speaker
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3 Responses to Marriage And Computer Time

  1. robhusberg says:

    Liza, I think you just may have opened a legal Pandora’s Box: I can FEEL all the attorneys madly scrambling to take advantage of this new pre-nup idea. What have you done?!!

    Actually, I think most spouses will view it as a great excuse to play with their own tech toys. Being single, I’m not affected by this, as I gave myself permission to spend absurd amounts of time on the computer many moons ago. So far, no divorce proceedings — and no lawyers.

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