Has It Come To This?

face recognition copyDoes your spouse spend too much time on the computer, such that he doesn’t remember who you are? Such that he might need a little help locating your face in his memory banks? Or, maybe it’s the other way around: you are on the computer so much, he doesn’t know who you are anymore.

I love technology, but it sure is changing the rules at break-neck speed. Along with pre-nups, before people get hitched,  there should be serious discussion on how technology will integrate into the marriage. “Do you promise to love, honor and use the computer only 35% of the time?”

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Rejection: New Yorker Festival T-shirt Ideas

New Yorker festival t-shirt ideaMy job as a cartoonist involves a lot of rejection. Every week, I draw six or so cartoons and if I am lucky, The New Yorker buys one. Here, I show you the results of another kind of rejection: sometimes my editor puts a call out to us (maybe 30 cartoonists, not sure of our numbers) for a “special” assignment. We can submit for the assignment or not, it’s our choice. This time, it was to draw ideas for a t-shirt for The New Yorker for its festival this fall in NYC.  Here are my two submissions. I did not get the prize.

A vast amount of my work never sees the light of day (so to speak), but that’s part of my job.

And yet-I love my job.

New Yorker Festival sketch idea

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Anthony Weiner is Strange, But Also Is A Typical Politician

Weiner soup kitchenMy latest thoughts on Anthony Help-Us-Get-Beyond Weiner.. Please visit my column on Forbes for more about Mr. Danger!

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Summertime Cartoons

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No matter what you are doing this summer:  it’s funny.  Except the global warming part of it, which is hard to ignore.  But while you worry about that, try to enjoy!

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What To Do On The Fourth Of July This Year

july fourth flag marriage FINALFreedom means being able to chose how to celebrate the 4th of July. Flags, beer, hot dogs, fireworks, stay home and sleep….whatever you want.  It also means being able to chose whom you want to marry.  Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Read a slightly longer post here, on my Forbes Column.

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Wendy Davis, Rick Perry And Shoes

Wendy davis and rick perry 2 copy_edited-2What a busy week!  Something for (almost) everyone. Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Gay Marriage Rights, Immigration Rights and Abortion Rights. It’s hard to know what to focus on as a cartoonist. I could cartoon all of them, but actually I can’t. So I chose to draw about the amazing filibuster by Wendy Davis and her colleagues (and the crowd!)  in Texas, which I found fascinating. Sadly, it won’t stick: Rick Perry has scheduled another session and the bill to virtually end a woman’s right to chose in Texas will pass. Here is my take on my column on Forbes.com–with a slightly different cartoon.

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A Hopeful Little Girl Wants To Be One Of Many Women Astronauts

women astronauts _edited-1I really was happy when I read the news the other day that NASA’s new astronaut recruits are half women. Four men, four women. Then–as I often do–I questioned my enthusiasm. Does this mean that being an astronaut means lower pay and status because the Shuttle Program is no more?  Is that why more women are now in the field?  I hope that’s not the case, as it has been in other areas. But regardless, it’s good news that more women are in engineering and science. Like these little girls, I’m optimistic. Here is my Forbes piece on this topic.

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Very Semi-Serious: A New Documentary In The Works About New Yorker Cartoonists

sake of parentsThere is a new documentary about New Yorker cartoonists in the works, called  “Very Semi-Serious.”  Filmmakers Leah Wolchok and Davina Pardo came to my studio to film and talk and we had a great time laughing and gabbing about cartoons, The New Yorker, creativity, and tons of other stuff. If you want to see the final product (and I know I do), go to their kickstarter page and donate what you can. One of the gifts for donating is a signed print of my above cartoon, but there are a lot of choices and different levels.

You can also see a trailer for the film on that same page (look for me in a few of the shots, in my studio and at lunch!).  It’s really going to be a fun film.

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Graduation TIme!!

naked under your robe-graduation copyThere are a zillion graduations going on all over the country. Here is a slide show of more cartoons on the subject, and on college in general. Congrats to all who are graduating (and even the dogs, if there are any. And I am sure there will be) !

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Angelina Jolie and Audre Lorde: The Female Body

breasts and angelina jolieYesterday, the top news in the morning was Angelina Jolie’s breast surgery. I wrote about it on my Forbes column. My thoughts were inspired in part by a book I read several years ago, Cancer Journals by Audre Lorde. In the book, she explores the choice women have of breast prothesis. Written in the 1980s,  Lorde was one of the first feminists to write about how breast prothesis “seems like a cover-up in a society where women are solely judged on their looks.” (Wikipedia)

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