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Cartoons as Cultural Envoys: All Cartoonists Are LInked

Yesterday, I returned from a trip to the Middle East.  I was invited by the US State Department to be a cultural envoy, and speak about my work to residents of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  Below is the talk … Continue reading

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Vests and Other Political Phenomena

I did this a few days ago when I began to see Mr. Santorum on television with more frequency  than I would have liked. My discovery of his proclivity to wearing sweater vests coincided with twitter’s notice of it, as … Continue reading

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Butterfly Nets and Ideas

Sometimes ideas spring from just one word.  But it has to be the right word.  Doing a cartoon around the word “uprising” would be difficult. Plus, it’s not a very interesting word.  “Revolution” could lead to a lot of things.  … Continue reading

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