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A Summertime Executive Order

This is a cartoon I did last week about the new immigration policy that President Obama enacted via Executive Order.  I like what he did, and think it is indeed “the right thing to do,” as Obama stated.   In … Continue reading

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Non-Stop PItches

I don’t live in a part of the country that gets a lot of political ads. But from what I hear, it can get pretty bad out there. Non-stop pitches from politicians, lies and distortions, one after the other.  Not … Continue reading

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Who’s Got the White Guy Vote?

If you watch the television news, you might have noticed that the pundits are searching for what it is we want to hear. Veep talk? Hillary-Biden switch?  There isn’t a scandal in this race (yet), so the pundits are searching. … Continue reading

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It’s Mitt’s Turn to Fetch the Ball

I didn’t draw any political cartoons last week. But if you think about it, everything is political. This dog talking is Santorum, and he’s saying what Mitt wishes Santorum would say. Go ahead, you get the ball. Its not my … Continue reading

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Dating the Government

Usually, my cartoons come out of ideas, not outrage.  But this time, I felt both, and felt I needed to say something about this trend of attacking women’s rights and health care. Ever since the last election, when the House … Continue reading

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Differences Between Newt and A Salamander

This drawing needs no explanation. Another difference not noted in the cartoon: salamanders aren’t dangerous. Newt is. I just got back from Portugal, where I was a judge for an international competition of political cartoon art from around the world. … Continue reading

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Campaign Gone Wild

This is one of those cartoons that just happened, seemingly came out of nowhere. Sometimes ideas come from crafting words, others just from drawing, and that’s what happened here. While doodling, I was thinking about the Romney people and the … Continue reading

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Newt and Mitt in Tight Pants

As we approach the Superbowl, I thought I would share a few of my football cartoons.  I actually think everyone is  more than ready to watch a game that is about physical force and athletic skill and not about slippery, … Continue reading

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The Dog Ate Newt’s Notes

I just was listening to Rachel Maddow commentary on the fact that  last night the Newt Campaign released files on his work with Freddy-Mac.  But: they couldn’t find some of them. And apparently, there are no notes, records, written or … Continue reading

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Palin in The WIngs, or What’s That Noise?

I drew the above cartoon about two weeks ago. Palin had been silent for months while the GOP hashed it out, and then suddenly she started talking to the press again. Everyone wondered “will she or won’t she?”  Now I … Continue reading

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