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Red Carpet Time!

I love the Academy Awards, and I’m not sure why. Pure escapism is my guess. It’s not like I really have any choices this year for best picture or anything. I just love the drama and the tension. I try … Continue reading

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But Do You Juggle?

The economy is getting better, but it’s still tough out there.  Actually, that’s only what I’ve heard–I sit at my desk, pitching cartoons and trying to get illustration jobs. I rarely have to go in person and “perform” for work.  … Continue reading

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Differences Between Newt and A Salamander

This drawing needs no explanation. Another difference not noted in the cartoon: salamanders aren’t dangerous. Newt is. I just got back from Portugal, where I was a judge for an international competition of political cartoon art from around the world. … Continue reading

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Santorum Seriously?

This is one of the cartoons in my new ebook, Women on Men (which should be available for purchase SOON). I chose to post this today  because it just dawned on me that the GOP race for the nomination is … Continue reading

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Campaign Gone Wild

This is one of those cartoons that just happened, seemingly came out of nowhere. Sometimes ideas come from crafting words, others just from drawing, and that’s what happened here. While doodling, I was thinking about the Romney people and the … Continue reading

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