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How Bo Can Help President Obama in his Second Term

What do you think Obama should do in his second term?

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Drawing on Foreign Policy

I drew this while thinking about the third and final debate tonight, this time on Foreign Policy. It seems to me some Americans really don’t want to know much about the rest of the world. It’s always about us, isn’t … Continue reading

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Here We Go! Debate #1

It’s time for the debates, are you ready? Romney will be wearing a red tie, Obama a blue tie. We will be looking for “zingers.” Mistakes. Body language. forehead sweat. Sighs. And then tomorrow–or rather tonight– all the spinning will … Continue reading


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Michelle Could Make a Great President

I drew this cartoon four years ago, not long after Hillary lost the Democratic nomination for president. There were a lot of Democratic voters who were disappointed, but happy to vote for Obama. Maybe his wife Michelle made it an … Continue reading

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Begging For Taxes

Things are getting tense out there on the campaign trail. I suspect that it’s only going to get worse. Romney is ramping up his attacks, innuendos and digs at Obama. Obama is not giving up on pressuring Romney to release … Continue reading

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Campaign Mode And Socks

Do you judge your candidate by his fashion choices? His athletic prowess? His wife’s scarf? Continue reading

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A Summertime Executive Order

This is a cartoon I did last week about the new immigration policy that President Obama enacted via Executive Order.  I like what he did, and think it is indeed “the right thing to do,” as Obama stated.   In … Continue reading

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It’s Mitt’s Turn to Fetch the Ball

I didn’t draw any political cartoons last week. But if you think about it, everything is political. This dog talking is Santorum, and he’s saying what Mitt wishes Santorum would say. Go ahead, you get the ball. Its not my … Continue reading

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