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Occupying The Sandbox

Kids pick up words they hear their parents say, and I can imagine “occupy” is a word being bantered around in a lot of households right now.  The Occupy Wall Street Movement is fascinating–my cartoon is a play on words.  … Continue reading

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Butterfly Nets and Ideas

Sometimes ideas spring from just one word.  But it has to be the right word.  Doing a cartoon around the word “uprising” would be difficult. Plus, it’s not a very interesting word.  “Revolution” could lead to a lot of things.  … Continue reading


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Risk Taking

We Americans try to understand and sympathize with what is going on in Egypt.  It’s hard, but the least that we can do is try, like this misguided woman in the cartoon above. An article in the New York Times … Continue reading

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The Revolution is Twitterized

I am “watching” the events unfold in Egypt with great fascination and trepidation for the people of Egypt. For the whole region.  What makes this fascinating for me is the inter-twinning of social media and journalism, grass roots signage and … Continue reading

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