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Mitt Romney’s Photo-Op Response to Sandy

Luckily we were pretty unaffected by Sandy in the area where we live, but many were not so lucky.  I drew the above cartoon in response to the hurricane–or superstorm, as she is now called. There are so many ways … Continue reading

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Here We Go! Debate #1

It’s time for the debates, are you ready? Romney will be wearing a red tie, Obama a blue tie. We will be looking for “zingers.” Mistakes. Body language. forehead sweat. Sighs. And then tomorrow–or rather tonight– all the spinning will … Continue reading

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Begging For Taxes

Things are getting tense out there on the campaign trail. I suspect that it’s only going to get worse. Romney is ramping up his attacks, innuendos and digs at Obama. Obama is not giving up on pressuring Romney to release … Continue reading

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Campaign Mode And Socks

Do you judge your candidate by his fashion choices? His athletic prowess? His wife’s scarf? Continue reading

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Campaign Gone Wild

This is one of those cartoons that just happened, seemingly came out of nowhere. Sometimes ideas come from crafting words, others just from drawing, and that’s what happened here. While doodling, I was thinking about the Romney people and the … Continue reading

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