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Pomp, Newt and Chickens

I don’t draw chickens much, and I certainly know very little about them. But any animal is material for a cartoonist’s muse–we can plug any idea into any situation.  Roosters, from my perspective, are comical. All bravado, swagger, pomp.  Does … Continue reading

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Differences Between Newt and A Salamander

This drawing needs no explanation. Another difference not noted in the cartoon: salamanders aren’t dangerous. Newt is. I just got back from Portugal, where I was a judge for an international competition of political cartoon art from around the world. … Continue reading

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Newt and Mitt in Tight Pants

As we approach the Superbowl, I thought I would share a few of my football cartoons.  I actually think everyone is  more than ready to watch a game that is about physical force and athletic skill and not about slippery, … Continue reading

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The Dog Ate Newt’s Notes

I just was listening to Rachel Maddow commentary on the fact that  last night the Newt Campaign released files on his work with Freddy-Mac.  But: they couldn’t find some of them. And apparently, there are no notes, records, written or … Continue reading

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Palin in The WIngs, or What’s That Noise?

I drew the above cartoon about two weeks ago. Palin had been silent for months while the GOP hashed it out, and then suddenly she started talking to the press again. Everyone wondered “will she or won’t she?”  Now I … Continue reading

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Burnt Toast and Other Political Issues

I drew this cartoon a few weeks ago when Herman Cain first got into some difficulty. His campaign may be burnt toast now; he and his people are trying to decide if  his candidacy can be scraped off and salvaged.  … Continue reading

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The Obama Dynasty

Wouldn’t it be nice, this time around?  Just look at the alternatives for a second. Newt’s imploding, Palin’s teasing and making stuff up, Romney’s still so tidy, and I forget who the others are.  And look at what President Obama … Continue reading

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Michelle, Sarah and Newt

So we have one confirmed candidate in the Republican party, Newt Gingrich. My first thought is, can we have a president named “Newt?”  I suppose so, since we overcame the Hussein problem. I found it interesting that Mr. Gingrich, as … Continue reading

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