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Being on The Radio Station I Love

I love radio, particularly news radio.  The interviews, analysis, call-ins about issues in the news, local or national are all great, and what I listen to while I work. My favorite station is the New York City station WNYC, and … Continue reading

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Speaking For Horses

A lot of politicians and experts are speaking for the carriage horses in NYC. Will they remain in the city, is it inhumane? Are the horses abused? Do the horses dislike their life in the hustle-bustle of NYC? We don’t … Continue reading

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Early Photoshopping

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Too Much Kale

I think maybe we can stop obsessing about kale now. It’s time to focus on another green leafy vegetable. How about mustard greens (who need another name, don’t you agree?)? And then when we are done with green, we should … Continue reading

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