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Sheryl Sandberg Is Not Perfect and Other Things I learned From ‘Lean In’

The CEO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, writes an interesting book about getting to the top. Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Dilemma

I forgot to add, ‘drink champagne.’  But I actually caught myself thinking this last night. But there is no dilemma in this: I want to wish everyone, everywhere a very good new year. Here’s hoping you have a year filled … Continue reading

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Streams of Life

About a week ago, I was invited to join Googleplus.  I commented on said platform, as well as on twitter, that I have so many streams now, who has time for life?   I don’t really feel that way–I have a … Continue reading

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Sand in The Briefs

Is anyone else having trouble working today?  I didn’t go to the beach this past weekend, in fact I didn’t really do anything “summery,” unless you count watching fireworks on television “summery.”  When everyone else is off doing non-work things, … Continue reading


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No Tweeting in The Sandbox

published in womensEnews.org Those of us born before 1990 work hard to keep up with technology, we weren’t born into it.  I love twitter, tumblr, email, FB, and I was born well before then.  But it will be interesting to … Continue reading

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My FB is Better Than Your FB

Has it come to this?  We judge each other on how we edit our lives on Facebook? How many friends we have?  It could be worse…we could judge each other on what we wear.  We never do that. For cartoonists, … Continue reading

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