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Too Much Kale

I think maybe we can stop obsessing about kale now. It’s time to focus on another green leafy vegetable. How about mustard greens (who need another name, don’t you agree?)? And then when we are done with green, we should … Continue reading

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PIck Your Own Lunch

Just a silly summertime cartoon.  I love doing Sabrett cartoons, and have done a lot of them in my time.  What makes them especially fun for me is that they are usually captionless, and I love drawing captionless cartoons. And, … Continue reading

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Licking the Spoon…. and a Contest

I love food. I enjoy making food and making people –and dogs– happy (whoever gets there first).  I posted this food cartoon today in honor of my collaboration with Monica Bhide.  A very talented and celebrated chef and wonderful person, … Continue reading

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Why Cook?

I’m not going to blog Thanksgiving. Nor am I going to tweet it. Alright,  I might tweet something about food. My relationship with cooking is a mixed one, a love/hate one. Some say I am a good cook, which is … Continue reading

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