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A Summertime Executive Order

This is a cartoon I did last week about the new immigration policy that President Obama enacted via Executive Order.  I like what he did, and think it is indeed “the right thing to do,” as Obama stated.   In … Continue reading

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Mad Men and Lilly Ledbetter

I’m reading a great book right now. It’s called Grace and Grit, and it’s a memoir by Lilly Ledbetter. Yes, that’s the Lilly Ledbetter for whom the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is named (the first Bill Obama signed as … Continue reading

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Chronicle Books is sending a filmaker here to my studio today to interview me and take some film of my work and my space…and me.  Place is cleaned up a bit–don’t want it to look too clean, otherwise it would … Continue reading

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Mad Men and Feminism

Mad Men hooked me last week and last night I became a fan. I was slow to come to the show, not convinced it was all that good (horrors). Perhaps I just didn’t want to revisit those years in such … Continue reading

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This is what I’ve been struggling with all my life

Granted, it’s not ALL I’ve been struggling with. Cartoons would be one of them, too. Also my need for approval. And picking up after myself. And having too many pets. There’s others, but I won’t bore you.

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