Creativity by Committee

This was inspired by the flurry of articles in the press recently about movies, particularly comedic movies.  Hangover, Hangover II, Bridesmaids…..which movie is for whom, what demographic likes what kind of humor, what kind of characters, yada yada yada.  Just make funny movies, people, and stop worrying about who’s going to like them. Funny is funny, and you can’t always please all of the people all of the time.

That’s what I try to do. I just worry about what I think is funny and let the chips fall where they may.  But then, I am only one person creating humor. I can’t imagine what it’s like to work by committee, particularly when the committee includes monied, suited executives. I know Hollywood has many creative people at work, but the problem is that their creations get manipulated to the point of lacking any life, and what is created is squished into a form that is supposed to sell.

I have enough of a rough time wrestling my brain into submission, let alone ten producers.



About Liza Donnelly

Cartoonist and writer and live drawer for The New Yorker, CBS News. Speaker for TED and others. Books: Women On Men,
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2 Responses to Creativity by Committee

  1. Rob Husberg says:

    Don’t worry too much: the majority of your “chips” fall in just the right places.
    And if the rare few don’t? Also, not to worry – you can make more!

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